OUTSIDE the BOX creations was initially conceptualized in 2012 to provide parents with a way to enjoy their children’s artwork on a daily basis by taking it out of a box and creating unique and beautiful photo books. Since opening our “virtual doors,” OUTSIDE the BOX has created more than 50 uniquely personalized photo books for varying occasions and organized upwards of 50,000 photographs. 

The Idea Behind OUTSIDE the BOX is SIMPLE…

Open your boxes, your computer files, and your storage lockers, and unpack the things you keep stored away – not only those items taking up valuable space in your closets and on your computer, but also those that you wish you could enjoy on a regular basis (i.e., old photos, artwork, letters) – and OUTSIDE the BOX will turn these priceless possessions into beautiful, unique photo projects.
Our photo creations allow you to hold onto your prized mementos in a space-effective, creative format that can be proudly displayed on a coffee table or kept on a shelf allowing you to rid your home of boxes bursting at the seams, free-up important space on your computer hard drive or cellphone & replace old outdated bulky photo albums.
Not ready for photo books because your photos are in disarray and in hard-copy format only? No worries, OUTSIDE the BOX specializes in sorting and organizing photos for scanning and cloud storage.

Specifically, OUTSIDE the BOX . . .

 …SORTS & ORGANIZES photographs currently stored in boxes or albums, on hard-drives, disks, phones or flash drives
SCANS & PHOTOGRAPHS photos, artwork, letters and other memorabilia 
ORGANIZES newly digitalized photos, artwork, letters and other memorabilia on a cloud format so items are easily accessible and safe from loss
CREATES unique, beautiful photo projects for someone special or just for you

We Are Photo Project EXPERTS…

No matter the type of project, OUTSIDE the BOX will:
  • take on all the photo projects that you do not have the time to do yourself
  • take on all the photo projects that you do not have the desire to do yourself
  • add some fresh, creativity to your unorganized, unfinished photo projects

Thank you for thinking OUTSIDE the BOX!

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