A mother’s work is never, ever, EVER done . . .

I am a mom. I get it!

In between driving carpools; attending doctor appointments; taking the kids to their sports, musical instrument, and dance practices; attending games, recitals, and concerts; making meals; supervising homework; shopping for groceries (and everything else); bathing the children; getting them in bed; and much much more, there is PLENTY OF TIME to attend to all the projects you would love to get done – YEAH, RIGHT…NOT!!!
Everyone has photo projects that they wish would just magically get done… not gonna happen. . . until now.  Hire OUTSIDE the BOX and we will make your projects magically appear. We do it all for you – from beginning to end. We sort, we edit, we photograph, we scan, we format, we create, we wrap, and we even deliver. All you need to do is provide us with the material and sit back and relax!
I have been doing my own photo projects for years now. They are all proudly displayed in my living room. When friends and family come over and see the books the first thing out of their mouths after they say that they love the books is “IF I ONLY HAD THE TIME” … you don’t need to have the time any more…all you need to do is think OUTSIDE THE BOX today!!