Everything we do at OUTSIDE the BOX – from the beginning to the end of a project – is aimed to make our client’s lives easier


OUTSIDE the BOX provides every client with an in-person (when possible), individualized initial consult allowing us to:
  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the project & the client’s vision for the project
  • discuss options dependent on type of project;
  • present an array of samples to prompt ideas;
  • review project materials (i.e., photographs, art work, letters);
  • delineate the various project types, creative options & final product formats; and 
  • set the overall tone for the project. 


There is a $100 non-refundable fee for an initial consult which is due at the time of the consult


Using the information gathered during the initial consult, OUTSIDE the BOX prepares an estimate. OUTSIDE the BOX submits the estimate to the client for approval. Once the estimate has been approved, the client is required make a deposit of half of the estimated cost.


OUTSIDE the BOX facilitates and manages every aspect of your project including, but not limited to: creating timelines; ordering; quality assurance; vendor communication, logistical oversight; hand delivery. These services are offered to all clients and are free of charge.
PLEASE NOTE: The cost of parking (when applicable) materials and other incidentals are not covered  are billed at the time of final invoice. Additionally, travel outside the Chicago city limits is billed at the time of final invoice – clients outside of Chicago will be charged $0.54 per mile in accordance with 2017 Illinois Mileage Reimbursement Rates. 
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