One of the many reasons why our founder started OUTSIDE the BOX creations was because of all the praise she received when friends and family saw the one-of-a-kind artwork photo books she has created. Below are just some of the comments from our clients. 

“OUTSIDE the BOX makes everything easy and beautiful. Who can ask for more? Jackie organized all of my photos for me, including scanning them and digitizing them. We love the photo books she did for us as well as the yearbook ad she put together. I can’t say enough good things about her services.”

Dara Milner, Chicago, IL

“OUTSIDE the BOX creates fundraising benefit materials that are informational and functional, but more importantly reflect the personality of the host organization and draw attention with inviting design.”

Kelli Strickland, Executive Director, The Hypocrites (former Executive Director, Raven Theatre) 

 “Just breathtaking. Really amazing and perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Linda Bubala, Special Projects Manager, The Latin School of Chicago

“Love the book! OMG!!!! it is amazing!!! I seriously have tears streaming down my face”
Jami DeGraff, Chicago, IL

“I just sat down this morning to look through the books you did. I cried (really). They are so great! I love all the little touches. The shots in the cars, in the tea cups, the page with all the kids in the jail, the kids coming down the water slide, my son doing the alligator thing. Really so fabulous! I cannot wait to give the book to my Mom on Sunday. I am sure she will cry too! Thank you, thank you!”
Carrie McNally, Chicago, IL

“OUTSIDE the BOX did an unbelievable job organizing my photos and creating a library of albums that our family will treasure always – the custom album she made for my 18 year old daughter, including all her favorite photos, memories and songs since she was a baby was the best gift EVER!!! Jackie puts her heart into every project she does and the outcome is always priceless!”
Lisa Burik, Chicago, IL

Dear OUTSIDE the BOX: I LOVE your creativity! It’s not just that you organize cluttered piles of photos and memorabilia into cool digital books; it’s that you’re so thoughtful in how you use colors and themes so that everything comes together beautifully. I also appreciate that you can take my digital photos and 3-D souvenirs and integrate their images into books that are saved electronically so they’ll never be lost. Your books are the answer to anyone who wants to organize their pictures but doesn’t know where to begin. They’re also perfect gifts for anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays. Thank you!
Daphne Baille, Chicago

OUTSIDE the BOX….Thank you!!!! You made, scanned, formatted the most amazing book that I gave to my daughter…12 years old…of her photos from camp. She was amazed and thankful for all the thought and consideration this gift meant to her! THANK YOU – OUTSIDE the BOX..That was your doing!
My parents…Grandma and grandpa…I had a book made for them as well (exact same) Mom mom…grandma said to me “the best gift you ever gave us!” thank you OUTSIDE the BOX…amazing work well done and greatly appreciated, something that we will have for a lifetime!!!!! PS…Reserve you for next year…? PUT US DOWN!!!!!
Lori Ovitz, Chicago

Now its your turn…have you had an OUTSIDE the BOX experience? If so, we would love to hear from you. OUTSIDE the BOX welcomes all comments, suggestions and, of course, praise! Thank you in advance for your consideration!
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